IT Annual Maintenance Contract For Equipments

There is no doubt at all that most companies are equipped with computers, Laptops and other equipments used in IT. All these products come with a warrant for a limited time. After the warrant period service providers who are authorized engage IT annual maintenance contract for equipments which have been supplied to them. There are clients who decide to go for facility management services from providers where trained manpower is used in the customer premises. For more details about IT annual maintenance contract, go right here.

Annual maintenance contract include replacing of parts which are defective and replacing of the units on site. There are times where the contract will need the customer to give you units which are defective to be sent by courier which can be returned to them after the fault has been sorted. If onsite IT support is not going to be offered by the vendor customers will log in a complaint through the internet or mobile phone. The service desk personnel will contact customers in order to identify the right fault. Aside from that they can access network equipment from remote location. When the problem has been identified the vendor will ship a new unit and the customer will send the old unit that is functioning back to the vendor.

There are certain equipments that support on site if offered by the vendor or authorized partner for that location. In this kind of situation, service personnel are going to visit the location in order to determine the right fault. They will try to rectify the fault if possible. They can request for replacement part for defective unit which is installed by service personnel when the new unit is going to arrive.

Annual maintenance contract is offered by the same vendor by whom the equipments are supplied. The contracts are not offered by the same service partners. In some situation such as assembled PCs, all service providers provide support and suggest the best IT solutions in UAE. All the equipments used in PCs are standard and are not particular to any type of vendor. It is not all service providers who replace parts which are faulty with new ones. It is a must for them to replace parts which are fault with used ones.

It is vital that you sign for IT annual maintenance contracts before the warrant or previous one expires. Failure to do this the vendor is going to insist to check if all the equipments are working well before they accept the contract. Vendors carry out preventive maintenance check for all the equipments covered. Cost of the contractor is not the same every year it varies. It also depends on the vendor, type of equipment and type of IT migration services that are being offered. It is imperative for the vendor to check what has been covered in the contract and what has not. For instance UPS batteries are never covered under the contract.

When it comes to annual service contract, the customer is charged for a specific amount that covers repairs. If there are hardware components that are defective the same should be replaced by the customer.